3 Supinated grip dumbbell row and the benefits

One of the most popular exercises for the chest and with good reason are the supinated grip dumbbell row. There are many benefits to doing these workouts, but you also have to keep your body fat percentage under control. The key to building muscle is to keep it from converting into body fat. One of the ways to do that is to increase lean body mass.

How to do supinated grip dumbbell row

One benefit of doing the exercises with the supinated grip is that you can often work the outer chest without using a barbell. You can use either a pair of dumbbells. To see how to do this exercise properly, you can watch the short video below.

Supinated Grip Barbell Row reps

Beginners 8 – 12 Reps for 1 – 2 Sets. Advanced 8 – 20 Reps for 2 – 3 Sets.

Advantages to doing supinated grip dumbbell row

supinated grip dumbbell row

There are some advantages to doing a supinated grip dumbbell row. The biggest advantage is that it helps you work your whole arm, because the weight of the weights being pulled down onto the forearm increases the amount of muscle that you can use. I highly recommend doing this for any type of dumbbell row.

Another benefit of a supinated grip is the stress on your oblique stabilizer muscles. These muscles help support the tilt of your spine. This gives your upper body a great deal of extra support when doing a standing or walking exercise. This helps you gain better posture and balance.

Last word

With a bit of effort, and perseverance, you will get the result. Keep in mind that your grip should not be painful. If it hurts, stop the movement, and try to relax your grip.

Best high and low pulley system machine to build muscles

The question as to what is best to buy for your high and low pulley system has been around for years. Most of us are not looking to blow the doors off the closest store to our local strip mall. We know we need a good gym. But, we want one that is not going to cost an arm and a leg. In this article we will try to explore different ways to design a home gym that will fit our budget. High and low pulley systems are just some of the options that are available when shopping for fitness equipment.

Low & high pulley system : Weider XRS 50

Weider XRS 50 with high and low pulley system
Weider XRS 50 Home Gym with 112 Lb Weight Stack
The Weider XL-series home gym has many of the same features as the original Weider XL series. The company claims that they have improved the comfort and balance while designing the new units. Below we will discuss what is best to buy when looking for a home gym. The basic premise behind purchasing a home gym is to increase your overall conditioning and overall health. For this objective, the low and high pulley system with the complete workout unit included is the optimal choice. This machine offers you a full body workout. It is designed to help you build lean muscle mass, while decreasing your level of fatigue. This machine also helps to condition your entire body for the rest of your daily routine. If you are interested in finding the best low and high pulley system, it is definitely the way to go. Check the product now!

Weider XRS 50 pulley system review

This machine can help you achieve your fitness goals by allowing you to focus on developing your whole body. This alos gives you the ability to train every major muscle group in your body as well. What makes this machine so unique is that it does not require weights or any other form of equipment to use. This machine has a very effective high and low pulley system. In addition, there are many exercises that you can do with this machine. For details review check the video here.

Tips before you buy pulley system machine

When you search for high and low pulley system, you will find many different options to choose from. What is most important is that you take your time and make sure that the gym you pick is exactly what you need to reach your fitness goals. In order to help you choose the best options, you will be given an overview of each of the machines on the market. Once you have made your decision based upon this information, you will be able to make your final decision. High and low pulley system has many different options. The first option is a simple combo chest machine. This unit has both the high pulley and the lower pulley system on one board. This allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises in each of the units that you have. Some of the exercises that can be performed on this unit include:
  1. Incline bench press
  2. Flat dumbbell press
  3. Incline dumbbell fly
  4. Single arm row
  5. Single arm Turkish get up
  6. Upright row
  7. Deadlifts,Squats
  8. Calf raise
  9. Dumbbell rows

Another option for high & low pulley systems

Another option to consider when searching for the best home with gym with this system is a total gym that features both a low and high resistance feature. The total gym has a flye and a leg developer that offer both resistance strength training. You can perform squats, deadlifts, lunges, calf raises, and curls on the flye and on the leg developer. Some of the exercises that you can perform on the total gym include:
  • Total body bench press
  • Incline dumbbell press
  • Flat dumbbell press
  • Incline dumbbell fly
  • Turkish get up, and upright row.
A high resistance gym, or multi gym, may not offer as many options as a total gym, but it does offer more freedom of movement. The resistance that is offered is a bit lower than what you would see in a total gym. This type of gym allows you to perform the same exercises in both high and low resistance settings.

3 DIY Battle Ropes : Super Cheap and Easy to Make at Home

Battle rope is an equipment that is widely used in industrial home gyms. You can find battle rope at the home gym nearest to your home to do some workouts. You can also do workouts at home with your own DIY battle rope. In this article, we will give you how to make your own battle rope at home.

Can I make my cheap battle rope at home?

Of course you can do it. There are some alternatives that are definitely in your house that you can use for subtitute the battle rope. Below we will give you 3 objects in your home that you can use to make your homemade battle ropes.

Making your own battle ropes

Garden hose battle rope

battle rope homemade
Cr :Grady O’Connor
The first alternative you can use to make a battle rope is a garden hose. It is a very cheap and very easy way to make your own battle rope. You can do your workouts at home and no need to spend any more money to buy battle rope on amazon. Below we give you a guide on how to make DIY battle rope from garden hose. Enjoy it!

Chain battle rope

The second alternative you can use to subtitute battle ropes is unused chains. If in your house there is a chain that is long enough, you can use it for your homemade battle rope.
You will need a chain with length more than 10 meters. It is a cheap way for you to do your battle rope. You just need to make use of the unused items that are in your home. Check the guide to build it below!

Making your own battle rope at home is a good decision for you. Making DIY battle rope is not a difficult thing to do. It’s very simple and it will save a lot of money. You can use the alternative battle rope in your home to make it easily. You only need a few minutes to make it.

Fire hose Battle rope

Another alternative battle ropes is fire hoses. You can make your own fire hose battle rope at home easily. It is an alternative that is very often used to make homemade battle rope. You can check the short video below to see the details. You can find many tutorials on youtube how to make DIY fire hose battle rope. If you don’t have a fire hose in your home, you can buy it for a fairly cheap price. You can still save your money and don’t need to buy new battle ropes.

What the best Battle Rope Length?

Ideally battle ropes are 50 feet long. However, you can still use 30 feet ropes to do your workouts properly. The best lengths for your homemade battle rope range from 30 feet to 50 feet. You can choose the length for your DIY battle rope according to the length of alternative rope in your home.

DIY Battle Rope Anchor

There are several alternatives that you can use as your battle rope anchor. DIY Battle Rope Anchor ideas you can do :
  • Pole
You can use the pole as an alternative battle rope anchor. It’s a very simple thing. You simply place your DIY battle rope behind the pole. After that you can do a workout battle rope with your own homemade battle rope.
  • Kettlebel
kettlebell is the second alternative that you can use for the anchor. You just have to grab your kettlebell and link the battle rope through it. Very simple right? You can also check the video here.
  • Single Pitch Top Rope Anchor
It is a tool commonly used by climbers. You can use it as a battle rope anchor in your home. You can attach it to the wall and link your DIY battle rope through it. See details.

Why better make your homemade battle rope?

Making your own battle rope at home is a good decision for you. Making DIY battle rope is not a difficult thing to do. It’s very simple and it will save a lot of money. You can use the alternative battle rope in your home to make it easily. You only need a few minutes to make it.

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4 portable pulley system : protips and benefits

Cable pulley systems are pretty easy to set up. You can either add them to your power cage or your ceiling, door bar, pullup bar, etc.

Portable pulley system gym

Since they are inexpensive and do not occupy much floor space. They are perfect for space crunched homes and garage gyms. Some cable exercise machines are meant specifically for the upper body.

Electric winch pulley system

Cable exercises will be a good change for your body, as they provide you a greater range of motion than dumbbells and barbells.

Portable pull up system

We hope the above video has motivated you to add a cable pulley system to your home gym collection. Let’s look at some of the best options we have selected for you:

5 Tricep pulley system : Best ideas to build muscle

Well not all that long ago; maybe four or five months ago; I saw the Spud Inc. Lat & Tricep Pulley added to Rogue’s “new releases” category, so I took a gander.

Home gym pulley system

Spud’s pulley system appeared to be a fairly basic yet reliable way to replicate all of the exercises that I wanted the full selectorized station for (tricep pushdowns, overhead extensions, full ROM weighted crunches, lat pulldowns, face-pulls, etc), but for what seemed super cheap by comparison.

Tricep pulley workout

Turns out that I don’t hate it. Actually it’s fantastic. It takes seconds to attach to the rack and seconds to take back down.

Tricep pulley machine

It holds more weight than would even be reasonable for pulls (500+ pounds), and it uses standard caribiners so any attachment you can think of works; an EZ bar, tricep bar, wide lat bar, parallel bar, tricep rope, whatever.

6 pulley chest workouts best way to build muscles

Did you know you that you can do a full chest workout targeting all the muscles that make up your pectoral muscle group, using one single machine?

dumbbell chest workout

Maintaining a dumbell in your elbows and keeping your chest upright, pull the cables together in a sweeping motion so that your hands meet in front of your body with your palms facing each other.

lower chest workout

Hold in this position for a second and feel the squeeze in your chest. Then go back to starting position, controlling the weight all the way.

upper chest workout

Holding a upper chest in each hand. Then stand in the middle of the towers and step forward into a split stance. Lean forward onto your front foot, bending that knee. Your back leg should be straight.

Top 5 Low pulley system on store and the DIY’s

An affordable way to add low pulley exercises to your workout. The Spud Econo Low Pulley will simply attach to the base of your rack and cage.

high and low pulley system

This Spud Econo Low Pulley System adds variety to your training without the heavy expense of new gym equipment. This industrial pulley is rated for 550lbs.

diy low pulley system

Spud, Inc. Econo Triceps, Lat and Low Pulley Combo. If you are looking for one piece of equipment to round out your gym, then this one fits the bill. The number of exercises you can do is almost limitless with this pulley combo, and it takes up next to zero space.

3 Home pulley exercises to build muscles

Cable exercises will be a good change for your body, as they provide you a greater range of motion than dumbbells and barbells.

home gym pulley system

Free weights limit your range of motion, so you cannot engage all your muscle groups. But, cable pulley systems allow you to perform your exercises at different positions and from different angles. You can target those ‘often-neglected’ minor muscle groups that otherwise get ignored when using bench press and lat machines.

diy home gym pulley system

They are generally safe for use, as there is no way you can drop the weight on yourself. Other upper body strength exercises such as bench press and shoulder press do have the risk of crashing the weight down on you.

5 Dumbbell front rack lunge exercises and benefits

Dumbells haven’t featured heavily in CrossFit. At least not as much as Barbells, but all that changed at the 2017 CrossFit Open.

dumbbell front rack reverse lunge

Since it looks like dumbells are here to stay, over the next few weeks. We’ll be looking at each of these movments in our dumbell series.

single dumbbell front rack lunge

First up, CrossFit Seminar Staff member Julie Foucher demonstrates the Dumbbell Front Rack lunge.

front rack lunge kettlebell

Just as with the Front Rack Barbell Lunges. Remember to keep the knees aligned to the toes and the weight on the heel of the front foot.