4 portable pulley system : protips and benefits

Cable pulley systems are pretty easy to set up. You can either add them to your power cage or your ceiling, door bar, pullup bar, etc.

Portable pulley system gym

Since they are inexpensive and do not occupy much floor space. They are perfect for space crunched homes and garage gyms. Some cable exercise machines are meant specifically for the upper body.

Electric winch pulley system

Cable exercises will be a good change for your body, as they provide you a greater range of motion than dumbbells and barbells.

Portable pull up system

We hope the above video has motivated you to add a cable pulley system to your home gym collection. Let’s look at some of the best options we have selected for you:

5 Tricep pulley system : Best ideas to build muscle

Well not all that long ago; maybe four or five months ago; I saw the Spud Inc. Lat & Tricep Pulley added to Rogue’s “new releases” category, so I took a gander.

Home gym pulley system

Spud’s pulley system appeared to be a fairly basic yet reliable way to replicate all of the exercises that I wanted the full selectorized station for (tricep pushdowns, overhead extensions, full ROM weighted crunches, lat pulldowns, face-pulls, etc), but for what seemed super cheap by comparison.

Tricep pulley workout

Turns out that I don’t hate it. Actually it’s fantastic. It takes seconds to attach to the rack and seconds to take back down.

Tricep pulley machine

It holds more weight than would even be reasonable for pulls (500+ pounds), and it uses standard caribiners so any attachment you can think of works; an EZ bar, tricep bar, wide lat bar, parallel bar, tricep rope, whatever.

6 pulley chest workouts best way to build muscles

Did you know you that you can do a full chest workout targeting all the muscles that make up your pectoral muscle group, using one single machine?

dumbbell chest workout

Maintaining a dumbell in your elbows and keeping your chest upright, pull the cables together in a sweeping motion so that your hands meet in front of your body with your palms facing each other.

lower chest workout

Hold in this position for a second and feel the squeeze in your chest. Then go back to starting position, controlling the weight all the way.

upper chest workout

Holding a upper chest in each hand. Then stand in the middle of the towers and step forward into a split stance. Lean forward onto your front foot, bending that knee. Your back leg should be straight.

Top 5 Low pulley system on store and the DIY’s

An affordable way to add low pulley exercises to your workout. The Spud Econo Low Pulley will simply attach to the base of your rack and cage.

high and low pulley system

This Spud Econo Low Pulley System adds variety to your training without the heavy expense of new gym equipment. This industrial pulley is rated for 550lbs.

diy low pulley system

Spud, Inc. Econo Triceps, Lat and Low Pulley Combo. If you are looking for one piece of equipment to round out your gym, then this one fits the bill. The number of exercises you can do is almost limitless with this pulley combo, and it takes up next to zero space.

3 Home pulley exercises to build muscles

Cable exercises will be a good change for your body, as they provide you a greater range of motion than dumbbells and barbells.

home gym pulley system

Free weights limit your range of motion, so you cannot engage all your muscle groups. But, cable pulley systems allow you to perform your exercises at different positions and from different angles. You can target those ‘often-neglected’ minor muscle groups that otherwise get ignored when using bench press and lat machines.

diy home gym pulley system

They are generally safe for use, as there is no way you can drop the weight on yourself. Other upper body strength exercises such as bench press and shoulder press do have the risk of crashing the weight down on you.

5 Dumbbell front rack lunge exercises and benefits

Dumbells haven’t featured heavily in CrossFit. At least not as much as Barbells, but all that changed at the 2017 CrossFit Open.

dumbbell front rack reverse lunge

Since it looks like dumbells are here to stay, over the next few weeks. We’ll be looking at each of these movments in our dumbell series.

single dumbbell front rack lunge

First up, CrossFit Seminar Staff member Julie Foucher demonstrates the Dumbbell Front Rack lunge.

front rack lunge kettlebell

Just as with the Front Rack Barbell Lunges. Remember to keep the knees aligned to the toes and the weight on the heel of the front foot.

12 plunge exercises : protips and benefits

The individual starts by lying down on the ground flat on the back, with the arms placed palm-down on the ground.

plunge exercise benefits

The arms will push the hips off the ground as high as possible, keeping the legs perpendicular to the ground. The hips are then get lower slowly to the starting position.

plunge exercise pool

Lie flat on the back, arms to the side, palms on the ground. Explore Georgia Vaggelatou’s board “workout plunges” on Pinterest. See more ideas about workout, fitness body, fitness tips.

arm plunge exercise

Every woman can end up with a belly pooch due to underworked lower abdominal muscles. This workout will tap into you.

5 Side lunges with band exercises : smart tips and benefits

Place band just above your ankles and stand with hips shoulder width apart. Step out to the side with your right foot.

side lunges with band around knees

Lower into a side lunge position with your right knee bent and left leg straight sitting back on your right heel. Squeeze your booty and return to standing position.

walking side lunges with band

Keep your stomach tight and chest up throughout the exercise. Repeat for desired repetitions. Repeat with your left leg.

static side lunges with band

Classic lunges are a great lower-body strengthening move. But doing rep after rep of ’em can get a bit, well, boring. If that sounds like you, celebrity trainer Kira Stokes has just the antidote.

10 Air lunges exercises : protips and benefits

The jump lunge is an advanced variation of a basic walking lunge exercise, bumping up the intensity by adding a jump.

air lunges benefits

You can add the lunge exercise to your high-intensity interval training routine, or use it to boost your heart rate during calisthenics or basic floor work. Because this exercise requires no equipment, you can do it any time and at any place.

air lunges flights

The plyometric transition consists of jumping high in the air and switching your forward foot before landing. Air lunges is better flights.

air squats vs lunges

When done correctly, you will target the lunges, quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors, and calves. You will also engage muscles that stabilize the core and hips, those that are used for rotational movements, and even improve ankle stability.

6 Knee in lunge exercises : protips and benefits

Lunges work your glutes, quads, hamstrings, hips and core muscles. The fact that they work so many muscle groups at once makes them a popular move that is incorporated into many different exercise routines.

knee in lunge r

This exercise will help you practice getting the knees at a 90-degree angle. Stand with your legs hips-width apart and place your hands on your hips.

knee in lunge right

Lift your right knee up in front of you and hold at a 90-degree angle, then step forward and place the right foot down as you lift the left knee up. Perform walking high knees, 10 times on each side.

knee in lunge blogilates

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Squeeze your glutes to lift your body towards the ceiling (forming a straight line between your neck and your knees)