Bench press work bicep: How to do, Protips, Benefits and More

Two things every bloke in the gym wants: the biggest biceps and the biggest bench press. Well, believe it or not, these two things actually synergise quite nicely. I know what you’re thinking, “Do you even lift bro? Bench pressing doesn’t work the biceps!” Well hold fire with the hashtag GymFails and save your judgment until you’ve read the facts.

Does bench press work bicep

The striated muscle may be a stabilizer for the bench press. However the main muscles ar chest, triceps, shoulders. plenty of individuals will not suggest further bicep work for beginners.

do bench press work bicep

It’s not your bicep as a result of your bicep initiates once there’s a contraction of the forearm towards the higher arm. It’s skeletal muscle that you just ar exploitation whereas doing bench. However to boost trice strength, i would suggest dips and exploitation dumbbells on your bench.

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