Bicep curl push press: How to do, Protips, and many more

Bicep curl push press works both your biceps and bears, and is a combo of two work of art and powerful arm practices you most likely definitely know. It gives you “the most value for your money,” said Roger Montenegro, NSCA-CSCS of Made Possible Personal Training.

What are bicep curls to push press

This is a workout that can build your triceps and biceps at the same time. In addition, it can also build your shoulder muscles. To do bicep curls to push press you only need to use dumbbells. You can also do this at home without going to the gym.

How to do bicep curls to push press

Remain with your feet hip-width separated, holding a free weight in each hand, palms looking out. Allow the hand weights to rest by your sides.

Pull your center in close as you twist your elbows, carrying the loads to your shoulders. Ensure your elbows remained stuck to your sides — don’t allow them to slide in reverse.

Support your abs and keep your arms moving vertical, fixing the arms above you as you all the while turn your hands so your palms face out. Give a valiant effort to lift the loads straight up, so they halt straight over your shoulders. Ensure your back doesn’t curve.

Twist your elbows and lower the loads back to the front of your shoulders, turning them so your palms face your body once more. You ought to be once again at the “top” of your bicep twist position.

Fix your elbows and lower the loads with control, bringing them back down to your sides in the beginning position. You’re essentially completing the bicep twist here.

This considers one rep.

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