Bicep curls leg press: Protips, Benefits, and Many More

Offset on one leg with a free weight close by. Twist the hand weight up to your shoulder as you fix your leg. Then, at that point press the free weight up to the roof. Bring the free weight down to the highest point of the twist and afterward twist your leg and fix your arm back to the beginning. At the point when prepared, switch sides.

Bicep curls leg press protips

Great single leg single arm curl and press with the hip loaded (squatty). Draw the navel in. Keep the ankle from collapsing by putting the foot into supination. You can watch the tutorial here.

bicep curls leg press

Bicep curls to leg press Benefits

Primary Muscle Groups: Side Shoulders, Front Shoulders, Biceps, Quads.

Secondary Muscle Groups: Lats (back), Glute Max, Hamstrings.

Equipment: Dumbbells.

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