5 Preacher curl wide grip ideas and benefits

You will learn how varying your grip on ez-bar preacher curls and dumbbell preacher curls allows you to emphasize different muscle groups.

I will also give you two unbelievable effective preacher curl routines that you can’t find anywhere else! Trust me, you don’t want to miss this cutting-edge information!

ez bar preacher curl wide grip

Performing preacher curls with an ez-bar is a classic way to stimulate strength and size gains in the elbow flexors.

One of the most difficult things about preacher ez-bar curls is deciding which grip to use! In reality there are four separate grips that you can choose from.

preacher curl wide or close grip

The decision of whether to use a narrow grip or wide grip during your supinated curls also impacts which muscles are recruited the most.

preacher curl wide vs close grip

The wider your grip is, the more you will recruit the long head of the biceps. This is the portion of the biceps responsible for the biceps “peak.”

5 Close grip preacher curl : ideas, protips and benefits

With the upper arms positioned against thepreacher bench pad and the chest against it, hold the E-Z Curl Bar at shoulder length. This will be your starting position. As you breathe in, slowly lower the bar until your upper arm is extended and the biceps is fully stretched

close grip preacher curl benefit

Preacher curls are one of the classic mass-building exercises for mass. They were a favourite of bodybuilding legend Larry Scott and still work awesome today. But there are so many grips to choose from! What is the best grip for preacher curls? Let’s find out!

ez bar preacher curl close grip

Start off setting up either weighted barbell or EZ bar with the weight that you would like to use to perform this exercise.

10 Preacher curl bar weight exercises and benefits

Preacher curl bar weight exercises are regular barbells which use a slight ‘W’ bent shape, rather than being just a straight bar. They are particularly useful when it comes to performing exercises such as bicep curls, because they allow you to keep your wrists in a slightly more neutral position.

preacher curl bar weight kg

The preacher Curl Bar used in most gyms weighs around 10kg or 22 pounds. Most EZ Curl Bars weigh between 6.8kg and 11.3kg, which is between 15 pounds and 25 pounds. A typical EZ Bar is also usually around 120cm or 47 inches in width, although some may be up to 132cm or 52 inches long.

iron grip preacher curl bar weight

A standard EZ curl bar is about 120 cm or 47 inches long and weighs around 12 to 17 pounds. Standard bars have a relatively low weight capacity.

Preacher curl without bench : smart tips and benefits

Although preacher curls are a great exercise, if you’re training at a more commercialized gym then you might not have access to a preacher curl bench or machine. Nevertheless, there are still some great exercises that’ll fully target the short head of your bicep while still allowing full isolation of the arm.

cable preacher curl without bench

Before we further discuss the preacher curl…let’s establish what exactly are the benefits and what makes it so great that it warrants a whole 1,000-word article just for itself?

standing preacher curl without bench

This exercise almost always involves an EZ bar and a preacher curl bench. However, there are also specialized machines that while also mimic this movement.

preacher curl alternative without bench

Preacher curls are quite different than regular bicep curls in a few ways. First and most importantly, it takes away your ability to cheat on your rep (whether on purpose or not). By using the bench to isolate your biceps, you’re not able to swing or use other muscles when lifting the weight.

5 Preacher curls at home : ideas, protips and benefits

Preacher curls for bigger biceps. Even without a special preacher bench you can perform this exercise. All you need is a barbell or dumbbell, an adjustable bench and cushion and rack (which both are optional).

preacher curls at home no bench

The preacher curl is a variation of the biceps curl that offers more isolation of the biceps than your average curl. The isolation of the targeted muscles during this controlled movement allows for maximum hypertrophy of the biceps,

what can i use for preacher curls at home

The preacher curl is different than the biceps curl because it does not allow the body to create momentum as you curl the load due to the requirement of performing the exercise on the preacher curl bench.