Plunge Exercise: Types, Benefits & How to do Properly

You can do plunge exercise from Monday to Thursday consistently. Know whatyou are going to do before you get there. You probably will haveonly one hour to get in and get out.

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Find a gym or a suitable workout place that is close to home orwork. Go before or directly after work so there are no distractionsor excuses to deviate.

Once there, you will want to follow a workout strategy.Doyoustart withweights or the cardiovascular training? The answerto that is whatever works for you. If you do cardio first and youfeel too tired to hit the weights, reverse it. If you hit theweights and lose the motivation to hit the treadmill, reverseit.

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There are many theories to which is better for peak performance,but in the case of a newbie, do what works for you. You can alsosplit up your days, doing weight training one day, then cardio thenext.

“Cardio” is any form of exercise that enables the heart and lungsystem to deliver blood and oxygen to the muscle during sustainedexercise, i.e. running, cycling, swimming, stair climbing oraerobic classes.

For now, consider splitting your workouts. This way you canfocus more attention on each body part and not be so rushed fortime. After a couple of months, you can change your routine.

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One way to get going is to target Mondays and Wednesday forweight training, and Tuesdays and Thursdays for cardio andabdominals “abs”. Get together on the weekends with your friends oryour family and throw a few balls or ride your bike along thebeach. As long as you are active and not sitting on your reareating all day, you will see results in a matter of weeks.

To get started on your weight training,I suggesta total bodyworkout, doingthe sameroutine onboth days. After a few months youshould switch it to an upper body day and a lower body day.

Once you become more aware of how much weight you can use andyou can speed up your workouts, you can then hit weights three tofour days a week with cardio on the same day.

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Your diet also is important to seeing results and feeling good.If you think it is bad for you, it probably is. Start withexercising and slowly change your eating habits. And remember, it’salways a good idea to consult your physician prior to starting thisor any other diet or exercise program.

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Perform each exercise with three sets of 10-12 repetitions –chest press, incline dumbbell flies, wide grip lat pull downs,seated rows, dumbbell biceps curls, triceps rope extensions, legextension on machine, leg curls on machine, leg press calfraises



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